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Cultural Opportunities

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KRMU students get creative, presenting art and photography exhibits, writing poetry, taking music lessons, working on the University’s fine arts journal, even writing and directing films. Students of all majors get to participate in several cultural endeavors. KRMU students don’t have to look far for inspiration. The University regularly brings nationally recognized poets, journalists and artists to campus for discussion and debate.

The University organizes a number of cultural, technical and literary competitions. These include a host of events like Debates, Group Discussions, Fashion Show, Quiz Programmes, Poetry Recitation, Singing Competition, Musical Performance by popular artists, JAM Sessions, dramatics, indoor and outdoor sports, dance competitions and much more. It clearly exemplifies the zeal of our students towards the non-traditional side of education as well. Our students are trained equally in classroom education and on-stage cultural presentations.

Participation in such activities help the students develop their ability to organize such activities and lead an integrated life. They develop skills for effective oral and written communication. The students who participate and organise the festival are given medals, prizes and certificates.


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