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Design Collection 2018

School of Fashion, Graduate Students Create Their Design Collections.

The Design collection based on theme Mushroom, Banjara and Denim etc. from this they have visualized and learnt in practical manners, how to showcase and exhibit their collection and also learn how to arrange Fashion Show, Choreography techniques and many other design related work as well as how to treat with buyers, Media, audience and Visitors.

Design collection Project is undertaken by all final year students in which they work on a design collection. During which, students work on specific Themes or briefs given by the Mentor. Students will be trained with the basis of clothing and manufacturing and ability to design according to their passion. Students of Fashion Design Programme work on Design collection and do Research. This allows the students to put into practice his/her learning as per actual industry requirements and expectations. It was a good learning experience for the student’s. The aspirant fashion designer will design their collections with an eye towards the future trend and forecast. In this, they gain valuable insight into the broad spectrum that Indian fashion encompasses through Lectures, assignments, practical’s, internships at leading export units and design studio to improve knowledge and overcome the practical challenges faced. This versatility is evident in the final year through the graduating fashion collections, conceptualized and constructed by the students in the Design collection (and Showcase their collection through Fashion Show & Exhibition).

School of Fashion (SOFD)




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