Event Edude Fiesta - In Cultural Society

Event Edude Fiesta - In Cultural Society

30th October 2020



You have got a voice and it needs to be heard, likewise, you have got the talent which needs to be shown. By this saying, The Cultural Society at K.R Mangalam University organized an Inter-University Talent Hunt Competition for the students, on 30th October 2020. The competition was on the online platform of Microsoft Teams and the event took place live, in real time.

The competition was divided into 5 different segments which included

  • RAP STAR (The Rap singing competition)
  • KAVIKAAR (The Poetry competition)
  • SHOW YOUR MOVES (The Dance competition)
  • ANDAZ APNA APNA (The Mimicry and Monologue competition)
  • SUE-AE-SANGRAM (The Music competition)

The event was started by our Cultural Incharge and student Coordinator Daksh Mehta, where he welcomed the judges, faculty members, participants and the audiences. The inaugural speech was given by the Convener of the Cultural Society, Ms Asha Sohal Madam. After the amazing speech, Our esteemed jury for the competition, Ms. Sandeep Kumari Madam and Ms. Pooja Vats Madam from the School of Basic and Applied Sciences were introduced.

Anchors for the day took over the event with full enthusiasm and positive energy and started off with the first segment of the event, that was, The Rap Star competition, followed by the Kavikaar Competition. Participants amazed us with their presentation skills and fine quality of selecting the theme for the poem. The next segment was the Andaz Apna Apna competition which involved the defined dramatic skills of the participants.

Show Your Moves competition and Sur-Ae-Sangram were the main segments which literally steal the limelight of the show, where on one side participants of the dance competition enthralled the judges & the audience with their well-choreographed performances, and on the side, the participants of the singing competition came up with such melodious voices which in the run attracted the audience as such.

When all the segments were over, a vote of thanks was delivered by Mr. Amit Kumar Sir from the School of Management and Commerce, followed by our judges declaring the winners for the day. The first position for the Talent Hunt was grabbed by Moksha Pandit. Second position was held by Aayush Grover for the singing competition and third position was taken by Prakhar Shrivastav for the poetry competition.

Another highlight for the day was the cash prizes those were provided to the winners. Winner of the first position received the amount of Rs 1,500 (Moksha Pandit), followed up by Rs 1,000 for the winner of second position (Aayush Grover) and Rs 500 for the winner of third position (Prakhar Shrivastav). The Judges had a brainstorming session over the neck to neck performances to come to their judgement. E- Certificates were provided to each and participants and special certificates were received by the winners.

To conclude, the event was a big success and the performances of the participants and the enthusiasm and dedication of the organising committee and anchors were appreciated by the jury and everyone else. The main reason behind organizing these competitions is to nurture the intrinsic qualities of students and remove the fear of stage among students, which helps in personality development too.

Thank you.