Enlightening Sessions on Day-3 of Industry Engagement Programme

Enlightening Sessions on Day-3 of Industry Engagement Programme

23rd September 2020

23rd September 2020 – Day 3 of the Industry Engagement Programme at K.R. Mangalam University started on a very soothing note with one of the initial sessions by FM Rainbow RJ, Neerja Chaturvedi. With her beautiful and serene voice, ma’am started the session with great energy and kept the vibe alive throughout entire session.

Covering all aspects of being a Radio Jockey, ma’am also performed a little live show for all the participants and encouraged all the viewers and listeners to participate whole heartedly. She connected the Dil Bechara’s song – Khulke Jeena Ka Tareeka with radio and sparked light on the fact that radio is all about expressing through voice and for that the RJ has to have full faith in themselves and be open, confident and engaging with their listeners.

“Radio is a RJ’s temple and the listeners are the god”, going by the saying RJ Neerja laid importance on the skills and qualities a RJ is required to possess and implement them graciously just through their voice. The house was open for Q/A session towards the end and there too she managed to solve and clear all the doubts and queries of the participants with much ease and interest.

Mr Rakesh Taneja Media Advisor, INC conducted the session on Misinformation in TV Journalism. He shared is experience how can we found out misinformation and how misinformation is different from Fake news. Afterwards explaining what Fake news is and how people are circulating fake news in new era. Heading towards he explained how to make a correct judgement whether it is Fake news or Misinformation. At last students asked their queries. Overall, it was an informative session.

Mr. Gaurav Arora, CEO at Redknot Marketing began his lecture with a short insight into his life story and his journey as an entrepreneur and he then went on to the topic of the session Media Entrepreneurship and explained through video and PowerPoint presentation about all the aspects of it in this session. The following session came to an end at 1.30 with an elaborate question and answer round

Mr. Debojit Sen, Director at CarDekho Company conducted the interesting session on ‘The Art of Storytelling’. Mr. Debojit Sen’s interactive involvement with the session participants through various plot narration, audience poll and storytelling exercises covering all the aspects of storytelling as an art. He also elucidated all the skills required to be a great storyteller.