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Awareness Programme on Sexual harassment at Workplace

Awareness Programme on Sexual harassment at Workplace

10 th December 2019
K. R. Mangalam University

'Violence against women negatively impacts society, hampers gender equality and constricts the social and economic development of the country'. In view of this Internal Complaint Committee of K.R Mangalam University organized an awareness programme on Sexual Harassment at workplace for all the members of housekeeping staffs, bus drivers, conductors and security guards.

Prof. (Dr.) Kiran Bala, Chairperson, ICC KRMU greeted the entire staff and stated about the requirement of conducting such sensitization programme among all. She mentioned the procedures of ICC and its functioning after following the proper stratagems and the fatal consequences which resulted if someone is ignoring the instruction directed by ICC in the due process of inquiry.

Dr.Kaveri Sharma, Member, ICC stated about the programme and its operation in a nutshell.She mentioned about the legal rights of men and women, their duties and responsibilities towards society. The Sexual harassment constitutes a gross violation of women's right to equality and dignity. It has its roots in patriarchy and its attendant perception that men are superior to women and that some forms of violence against women are acceptable. She also said to stay cautious while using mobile phone and any other electronic devices.