Competition Law and Challenges posed by Covid-19

Competition Law and Challenges posed by Covid-19

September 17, 2020

On September 17, 2020, Legal & Management Society of K.R. Mangalam University had organized a guest lecture on the topic “An Overview of Competition Law and Challenges posed by Covid-19”, virtually, in collaboration with the Competition Commission of India.

The speaker for the lecture was Mr. Rahul Ravindran, who is currently serving as Director of Law in Anti-Trust Division of Competition Commission of India. Sir has served as Deputy General Manager at Pension Fund Regulatory & Development Authority of India.

Mr. Rahul Ravindran commenced his lecture by stating the benefits of consumers which directly leads to increase in human welfare. He discussed real life examples with the fellow students to make them understand the concept of Competition Law with ease. He even shared the historical background of the Competition Act from Monopolistic and Trade Practice Act, 1969 (MRTP) to the enactment of the Competition Act, 2002. He explained the difference between Monopolistic and Trade Practice Act (MRTP) and Competition Act.

Mr. Rahul Ravindran was of the view that Competition Act has its use in such a manner that there is no overriding principle and derogation. He gave a great classification about cartels and types of agreements and how people engage into cartels and construct dominance over the markets. He stated that Competition Act maintains an ideology of Competitive Neutrality amongst the newcomers in the market and ones who are already established in the market.

The lecture noted the attendance of over 60 students and 7 faculty members from both department of School of Legal Studies and School of Management and Commerce hosted by Ms. Pratiksha Varshney student of BALLB VII sem.

------ By Ms. Ruchi Chauhan, BBALLB(H), VII semester