Eliminating the Negative Effect of Technology” competition organized by APJ Abdul Kalam Science Society

"Eliminating the Negative Effect of Technology" competition organized by APJ Abdul Kalam Science Society

7th December, 2020

The virtual competition on “Eliminating the Negative Impact of Technology” was organized by APJ Abdul Kalam Science Society, K. R. Mangalam University on 7th December 2020.

Students shared their ideas and thoughts through the poster. Some students made it digitally where some of them reflected their ideas through the sketch. Most of the students focused on to avoid the technology during the free time. Neha suggested clearing the phone from unessential apps as these apps keep us constantly busy while checking it for updates. Divya suggested turning some television time into physical activity time and trying to keep electronic devices out of the bedroom. She also told to prioritize real-world relationships over online relationships by making mealtime gadget-free time.

Shailja and Chandani advised to keep the children away from these technologies like phones, laptops either by restricting their time or involving them in physical activities which can only be possible when we encourage them for engaging ones over those that are passive.

In the poster competition, Divya Bharti from B. A. English (H) got first position and Chandani Vij from B. A. Psychology (H) scored second position.