Induction Programme Report –Experimental Sessions of Relaxation, Contemplation, Detoxing & Connecting With Self

Induction Programme Report–Experimental Sessions of Relaxation, Contemplation, Detoxing & Connecting With Self

25th August 2020

25th August 2020: During the two weeks Induction Programme 2020, a session on Resilience-Spring back to life was organized as a part of Student Development activity. Ms. Pinki Pathania Mr. Nitin Dobhal and Mr. Setya Anuj from Heartfulness Trainers alongwith Dr. Ruchika Yadav, Assistant Professor, SOMC conducted the sessions.

The session started with the brief introduction on what the session is all about. Ms. Pinki Pathania presented an elaborated presentation on Focus and Concentration to explain the students an importance of focus to achieve a happy mind. Ms. Ruchika Yadav instructed the students about meditation and organised meditation activity. Freshmen engaged actively which made the session fruitful. Moving ahead, Mr. Nitin Dobhal explained the students about the Resilience (Science of meditation) through an interesting presentation. Students were eager to know more about meditation and asked questions on how meditation can relief stress.

The session proceeded with the presentation by Mr. Setya Anuj on Brain subconscious and conscious mind. He gave the students clear view on how brain works in different situations. Overall is was an interesting and a knowledgeable session.

- By Amit Behal, BA (JMC), III semester