Event Induction Programme for Academic Session 2020-21 Day-1 Report

KRMU Induction Programme for Academic Session 2020-21 Day-1 Report

17th August

The Induction Programme 2020-21 commenced with full zeal and gaiety on 17th August 2020. The objective of the two-week induction programme is to help young enthusiast freshers adjust to the new world of higher education. The programme is aimed to provide smooth transition from school life to college life.

The first day began with a spiritual and relaxation session on "Discovering Oneself, Becoming Aware of Oneself". Mr. Deepak Kumar started with the quotes of popular motivational speakers such as Robin S Sharma "Awareness precedes choice and choice precedes results", Gretchen Rubin "Self-Awareness is a key to Self-Mastery". A quick relaxation of 5-7 minutes followed by an interactive activity was conducted. He explained the concepts of "Conscious mind" and "Sub-conscious mind".

In the second phase students attended Academic sessions conducted by various schools of KRMU. The students attended session on "Conflict, security and artificial intelligence" and learned about protecting one's privacy while using artificial intelligence and introduced the use of artificial intelligence (Alexa, Siri) in the millennial world. The senior students also took part in the session and interacted with the freshers. Mohit Chahal talked about pros and cons of Big Data Technology (Amazon, Flipkart) in today's era. The session got more intruding when another student volunteer from B. Tech started talking about cyber security and kind of hackers in the digital world. The student volunteers from School of Engineering and Technology talked about IOT (Internet of Things), E-commerce and answered all the queries raised by new students. The power boosting session about personal security in the digital world came to an end with a cornucopia of knowledge.

Another interesting session was on Law, Justice and Democracy organized by School of Legal Studies. The session proceeded with an elaborated presentation on the Basic postulates of 'justice'. Freshers were curious to know about their rights as citizens and showed their interest by asking various doubts on law related situations that one come across in day to day lives.

The Art, Architecture & Design session started with the brief introduction of designing and planning. It proceeded with an elaborated presentation which made the students to understand the purpose of design, inspiration to design a story, how one could become design professional and overview of designing streams.

The session on Climate Change, Environment and Sustainability gave an overview about the temperature change in the environment, season change, pollution, and many other environmental changes. Freshers were curious to know more about the natural changes taking place over the world and shown interest by asking questions.

The academic sessions were followed by ‘The Magic of Communication’ session conducted School of Humanities. The session was based on the importance of reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. The whole session was interactive, students were asking questions, they were eager to learn new things. The session was ended with the positive remarks of the students.

It is important for the students to strike a balance between academic and extracurricular activities. The participation in co-curricular activities helps in the overall development of the students. Therefore, the evening sessions were planned to provide the know and how of clubs and societies of KRMU to the freshers. These sessions were conducted by E-Yantra Robotics Club, Cultural Society, Sports Society, Rhetoric-The Literary Society and Legal and Management Society. The sessions were interactive and enjoyable. The new entrants participated in online sessions with full zeal and enthusiasm.