International Yoga Day Celebrations 2020 at K. R. Mangalam University in collaboration with Heartfulness Institute

21st to 23rd June 2020

K.R. Mangalam University in collaboration with Heartfulness Institute celebrated a three days’ virtual event from 21st to 23rd June 2020 on the occasion of International Yoga Day. This event was facilitated by Dr. Veronique Nicolai Director Heartfulness Yoga School National Coordinator, Yoga Activities for Heartfulness Education Trust.

Prof. (Dr.) Aditya Malik, Vice Chancellor inaugurated the event and welcomed the facilitator trainer Dr. Nicolai. He shared his wisdom by explaining the importance of yoga & meditation during the conjecture of the sun, the moon & the earth.

The overall programme was designed for 60 mins for three consecutive days’ which was completely interactive and experiential with a holistic exposure to the key practices of yoga.

Day 1 was dedicated to Yoga Asanas with Relaxation Technique to streamline the Breath & Relax the Body: Scientifically supported relaxation & breathing techniques to reenergise the soul. The facilitator emphasised the relevance of yoga in modern day & discussed 4 pillars of health and role of yoga along with Heartfulness Relaxation &Heartfulness Meditation session.

Day 2 was focussed onPranayama & Meditation to restore freshness. The participants learnt various breathing techniques & asanas to bring the body and mind to a state of balance to restore freshness. Guided cleaning was also experienced by the participants. An explanation and experience of the simple and unique meditation technique along with cleaning technique to relieve stress & anxiety.

On Day 3 the facilitator taught various yoga asanas which was further followed by meditation& cleaning to relieve stress, settle the mind & purify the heart. She explained the science of meditation through 3 bodies and 5 koshas, various yogic tools and their effects were also explained by her.

Q&A session took place at end of each day where students and faculty members got their queries resolved. The students, PhD Scholars, Teaching & Non- Teaching staff members and Leadership members attended & participated in this event derived benefits of Yoga & Meditation.