Khadi Event

Khadi Event

Khadi Event

24th Sep 2019
K.R. Mangalam University

The School of fashion organized Khadi event on 24th Sept 2019 at 2 pm in fashion studio.

Khadi is a handspun, hand-woven natural fiber cloth originating from India. It is also known as khaddar. The concept of khadi was invented by Mahatma Gandhi.

It was earlier used to create Indian origin ethnic garments but nowadays it is used in western garments as well.

It is eco-friendly cotton and the fiber is biodegradable which is an important demand in today's world.

Aim- Students from different courses participated in the event with competitive spirit in a friendly atmosphere to understand the importance of khadi and how it can be rediscovered in a trendy new way. Around 20 students participated in the event. It explored creative talent in the students and gave them an opportunity to prove themselves There were below two contests in the event

1- 3 d buzz (3 dimensional craft)
2- Doodling on phone covers
The interior of fashion studio was designed by SOFD students. Both the events were run simultaneously.

Organized by:
Ms. Rasika Kausik
Ms. Yashasvi Rajawat
Ms. Sushma Mishra