Legal and Management Summit 2019| K.R. Mangalam University

Legal and Management Summit 2019

Legal and Management Summit 2019

October 10, 2019
Moot Court, K. R Mangalam University, Gurugram

School of Legal Studies (SOLS) & School of Management and Commerce (SOMC) at K.R Mangalam University jointly organized Legal and Management Summit on 10th October’2019 which focused on the “Emerging Trends in Human Resource: Managerial and Legal Perspective”.The Summit was marked by the presence of four esteemed chief guests with specialization in field of Law and Management. Total 400 students from both the schools attended the event.

Prof. Aditya Malik, Vice Chancellor and Prof. Anita Sharma, Pro Vice- Chancellor of K.R Mangalam University were on hand to inaugurate the event along with the Chief Guests. The Summit began with the Lighting of Lamp and Saraswati Vandana. It is followed by VC Sir’s Inaugural address, where he emphasized on exploration of untapped capabilities and potential of students in Law and Management that can contribute to the global development. Other significant topics mentioned by Dr. Malik included Role of Artificial Intelligence in Legal and Management practices and leadership qualities that one need to develop for success and growth in career. He appreciated the enthusiasm and compassion showcased by students in organizing this event and stressed upon the constructive participation of students in societal affairs to prove themselves as an asset for nation. Dr. Anita Sharma, Pro-VC Ma’am extended her warm wishes and cordially welcomed guests. She motivated students to organize similar meaningful events in future ahead. Prof. Vijay A. Dubey, Dean Academics and Dean of SOMC, welcomed guests, faculty and students in this Summit. He stressed upon the interdisciplinary approach for students to understand relation between Law, Management and Commerce. He also included some key concepts related to Artificial Intelligence, operations and technological changes that can potentially change the future course of business.

The summit was organized in four sessions, amalgamation of legal and managerial issues made the core essence of each session. Session one was introduced by Prof V.T Kaul, Chairperson, Delhi Judicial Academy ,he presented the Human Resource Management as a key component for maintaining harmonious relations within an organization. He further added the fundamental rights shared by the employee and employer can perfectly predict the organizational settings. He gave bird’s eye view of legal aspects including labor laws, industrial laws, minimum wages law and laws to protect women at workplace. Mr. Kaul shared knowledge regarding ideal industrial conditions required to achieve goals and objectives without using any coercive acts. Another significant area put forth by him was legislature and judiciary that is responsible to introduce and safeguard the rights of both employee and employer. According to him it is important for judges and civil servants to capacitate and develop skills in this regard.

Speaker for session two was Mr. P.K Gupta, Senior Consultant, HR. He introduced concept of ‘Nurturing Leadership in 21st Century’ to accelerate workforce transformation. He discussed about workforce transformation which includes VUCA Leadership Model, GIG Economy, Skillset Development, Automation-Tech-Digitization, and Artificial Intelligence/Machine-Learning. He also stressed upon the role of HR in deciphering learning among his employees & emphasized upon the effective communication which is the key to attain optimum development of organization. Mr. Gupta put bunch of suggestions for inculcating leadership qualities like introducing skill-based curriculum in institutions, industrial-academic collaboration, mentoring by industry, spreading summer internship throughout the year and knowledge generation through research and development. The core idea of session three was centered around Corporate Law; Advocate Ms. Anju Kapur was the speaker for this subject. She tabled the statistical data in terms of FDI, Industrial Growth rate of India and its industrial performance in the world. Her ideas reflect the dualist’s nature of Indian legal where formulation of law is quite easy but their implementation is bit difficult. And the corporate sector is experiencing the same dilemma due to the executive lethargy existing in very implementation of corporate law hence, endangering the rights of workers and workmen in corporate world. Lack of standardized procedures for interpretation of law further deteriorate the situation and the system need new mechanism to keep check on interpretation and implementation of corporate law.

Session four was introduced by Col. Rajesh Dubey, CEO, AD Consultants (Authorized Partners of Huawei Authorized Network Academy) and the topic discussed was ‘Artificial Intelligence in Human Resource Management: Boon or Bane’. He discussed the supplementary and complementary nature of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI lack emotional aspect due to which it can’t replace the emotional quotient of human. According to Col. Dubey AI can play constructive role like scrutinizing Job applications, Background verifications, Employee retention analysis on the basis of deep learning of statistical data, recommendation center, determining career path profiles, AI can also serve as Chat Box for query resolutions, but the human factor in HRM can never be replaced by AI.

Students and faculty members asked many questions at the end of each session & the speakers answered them very diligently.

The Session ended with vote of thanks given by Dr. Kaveri Sharma, Assistant Professor, School of Legal Studies, K.R Mangalam University. She extended her heartfelt gratitude towards the Chief Guests, Faculty Members and students for making this event a great success