MOOT COURT REPORT | K.R. Mangalam University



16 October 2019
K.R. Mangalam University

On 16th October, in the activity lecture a moot court session took place for the students to show them how the moot court occurs. All the students gathered in the moot court room where the event took place.

There were two teams: one consisted of Annu Kumari as the mooter and Vedika Jain as the researcher, while the second team consisted of Princy Goel as the mooter and Ruchi Chauhan as the researcher.

The event began with Vaishnavi explaining the rules and regulations of the moot. The role of the counsels, researcher, court master and the timer were also explained. Dr. Inderpreet Kaur and Dr. Meeta Poddar, faculties from the law department, were adjudged as the bench for the event. The event finally started with the students, teachers and the counsels addressing the judges.

After the completion of the arguments of the plaintiff, the defendant started with her pleading. At the end, the defendant also answered certain questions that were asked by the judges.

The event further continued by Vaishnavi explaining the importance of moot court in the life of a student and what all one can learn from this moot court experience. All the students who came to attend the event were patient listeners and paid a great attention in the entire session