SJMC celebrated National Press Day on the theme of #अनMasculine

SJMC celebrated National Press Day on the theme of #अनMasculine

SJMC celebrated National Press Day on the theme of #अनMasculine

16 November 2019
K.R. Mangalam University

National Press Day is celebrated on 16th November every year, is symbolic of a free and responsible press. It was on this day the Press Council of India started functioning as a moral watchdog to ensure that the press maintains high standards and is not fettered by any influence or threats.

This year, School of Journalism and Mass communication celebrated National Press Day 2019 on the theme #अनMasculine on 19th November 2019.The final year students of BA(JMC), Poorvi, Shrutika, Chitranshi, Gaurav and Tushar organized array of inter-department competitions wherein students from School of Journalism and Mass Communication, School of Fashion, School of Humanities and School of Management and Commerce participated with full zeal and enthusiasm.

The theme #अनMasculine was well thought for the day as 19th November is celebrated as International Men’s Day. Over the past several years, toxic masculinity has become a catchall explanation for male violence and sexism, also masculinity can indeed be destructive.

The following competitions were organized during the event namely News Hunt, Debate competition, Caption writing, Nose for News and Jargon Identification. The topics of the debate completion was thought provoking: Can Men Say No? Are men more Aggressive than women? and Is toxic masculinity real?. The competitions were judged by Dr. Shilpa Sweety and Dr. Mouli Choudhary from School of Humanities.

Karamjit Singh, Shashwat BA(JMC), won first prize in debate competition, Preeti (SBAS) won first prize in caption writing, Shruti and Arjun (BBA) bagged first prize in nose for news and Divyendu BA(JMC) won first prize in Jargon Identification.

The event was coordinated by Ms. Mehak Pandit, Assistant Professor, School of Journalism and Mass Communication.