Project Based Learning: Challenges and Opportunities

Project Based Learning: Challenges and Opportunities

Project Based Learning: Challenges and Opportunities

12 May 2020

A webinar on “Project Based Learning: Challenges and Opportunities” was organized by the School of Basic and Applied Sciences, K.R. Mangalam Universityon 12th May 2020. The panelists were faculty members of School of Basic and Applied Sciences Dr. Dilraj Preet Kaur, Dr. Neeraj Kumari, Ms. Venuka Sandhir, Dr. Ajay Kumar and Dr. Rahul Boadhalong with the student of SBAS Mr. Agnivesh Tiwari.

In the webinar it was emphasized that PBL is not just a way of learning; it's a way of working together. By bringing real-life context and technology to the curriculum through Project Based learning (PBL) approach, students are encouraged to become independent and critical thinkers and lifelong learners. If students learn to take responsibility for their own learning, they will form the basis for the way they will work with others in their adult lives.

Dr. Dilraj Preet Kaur hosted the webinar and casted light on the fundamentals of project based learning. She discussed that how 21st century is demanding for continuous learners. She highlighted that old-school model of traditional classroom teaching and passively learning facts is no longer sufficient to prepare them to survive in today's world as it demands for both fundamental skills (reading, writing, and math) and 21st century skills (teamwork, problem solving, research gathering, time management, information synthesizing, utilizing high tech tools).

Dr. Neeraj Kumari gave some basic idea about traditional learning and project-based learning. She discussed some challenges faced by teachers and students during project-based learning. She also discussed about some projects like life cycle of COVID – 19, removal of dyes from wastewater using activated charcoal, preparation of biodegradable polymer film after extraction of starch and assessment of air quality index using drone based system.

Ms. Venuka Sandhir explained that how projects are an integral part of the Continuous Evaluation System in K.R. Mangalam University. She also gave insights to the utilization of mathematical modeling in real world’s context such as online shopping, tracking the growth of tumor etc. Dr. Ajay Kumar discussed about the challenges faced by the students while working in Engineering Kitchen. He stressed that the change in mindset is required to successfully implement the PBL.Dr. Rahul Boadh shared his experiences on his two recently completed projects. He also touched upon the key points about preparing a technical manuscript for publication in a journal.

Mr. Agnivesh Tiwari a student of Mathematics shared his experiences on the projects that has undertaken.The discussion was followed by Question/Answers round in which panelists took up the questions put up by the viewers and answered their queries.