SCIZONE - 2019


28 November, 2019
K.R Mangalam University

The School of Basic and Applied Sciences organized “SCIZONE-2019” a competition and exhibition of Science Models / Projects on 28th November, 2019. In this competition fifteen teams from different schools participated with great zeal and exhibited their scientific temperaments with a concern for sustainability and inclusivity. They presented working models depicting different themes such as Water network, Pelton Turbine, Clap Switch, Vertical axis wind, smoke exhauster, LED cube, Floor Cleaning robot, Moisture detector, Digital clock and so on. The event provided a platform for the budding students to give shape to their innovative ideas and learn from each other’s experiences. The models were evaluated by a panel of distinguished judges (Prof. Krishan Lal, Dr Meena Bhandari and Dr Romila Manchanda) drawn from the field of Science, Technology and also from the Industry. The event was well organized by faculty coordinators Dr. Seema Raj and Dr. Dilraj Preet Kaur. The student coordinators for the event were Ms. Hema Vashishtha, Mr. Jitesh and Mr. Amandeep.

Prof. Krishan Lal appreciated the efforts of the students and motivated them for future endeavors. Sir awarded ‘Certificate of Merit’ and prize money to the winners. Following students were declared winners:
Team No. Name of the student Name of the student
Winners 11 Ms. Divisha B.Tech CSE Sem III
Winners 11 Ms. Shivani B.Tech CSE Sem III
1st Runner Up 6 Mr. Pankaj Soni B.Sc. (H) Physics Sem III
1st Runner Up 6 Mr. Kartik Kaushik B.Sc. (H) Physics Sem III
IInd Runner Up 5 Ms. Chanderkanta B.Tech CSE Sem III
IInd Runner Up 5 Ms. Nikki B.Tech CSE Sem III
IInd Runner Up 5 Ms. Kajal B.Tech CSE Sem III