Series of Webinars: Engineering with Industry Interface

Series of Webinars: Engineering with Industry Interface

13th to 17th July 2020

School of Engineering and Technology conducted series of webinars on the topic “Engineering with Industry Interface” from 13th to 17th July 2020. The distinguished speakers were Ms. Itishri Singh, Co-Founder, Campus Puppy Private Limited; Mr. Danesh Warad, AGM, Avtec, Madhya Pradesh, Mr. Mukesh Tiwari, CEO, Diversitech General Engineering Pvt. Indoor, Dr. Himanshu Sharma, HOD-EEE, SRMIST, Ghaziabad Campus, Dr. Gautam Choubey, Assistant Professor, IITRAM, Ahmedabad.

Ms. Itishri Singh explained that how to train yourself for placements in this pandemic time and about use of LinkedIn profiles to get jobs. Mr. Danesh Warad was the eminent speaker from automobile industry and explained the basics of automobile technology and future scope of Electric Vehicles. The design specifications of various models and their efficiency, fuel economy was explained by him.

Mr. Mukesh Tiwari interacted with the students and answered their queries regarding entry as fresher to and then technical, economic growth in the manufacturing industry.

Dr. Himanshu Sharma explained the students about the entrepreneurial scope and job opportunities in the solar sector. He told the students about the different skill enhancement courses which can help them grow in solar sector. He discussed about career direction, options and shared his valuable experience of software and hardware with students. He has explained the broad categories of organizational roles, service roles and planning of the career.

Dr. Gautam Choubey explained the research area of supersonic scramjet engines, which is an improvement over the ramjet engine as it efficiently operates at hypersonic speeds and allows supersonic combustion. Ramjet, Scramjet and Dual Mode Ramjet (DMRJ) are the three concepts of air-breathing engines which are being developed by various space agencies.

Dr. Neeraj Gupta, Ms. Minakshi Katoch, Mr. Arvind Kumar and Mr. Rishabh Arora coordinated the event. Around 18 faculty members of SOET along with the students attended the webinars.