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Online Session on ‘Fake News: Identification and Challenges’

Online Session on ‘Fake News: Identification and Challenges’

13 April 2020

School of Journalism and Mass Communication organized an online session on ‘Fake News: Identification and Challenges’ on 13th April 2020 for the students of Bachelor of Arts (Journalism and Mass Communication).

The session was conducted by Mr. Ritwik Ghosh, Assistant Professor, Delhi Metropolitan Education, Noida. Mr. Ritwik is a certified Google trainer on Fake News and has worked extensively in this area. He has more than 17 years in the Media and Communication industry, has knowledge and experience of the entire process and cycle of content - creation, production and dissemination.

He discussed types of fake content circulating on internet, how to spot fake news, websites which can be referred to verify the content and its credibility, CRAAP test, etc.

It was a very useful session for all the students and faculty specially amidst outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic.