Induction Programme for Journalism Aspirants

Induction Programme for Journalism Aspirants

08-13 June 2020

“To understand mood of the celebrity is the key to good story”, Radhika Bhirani School of Journalism and Mass Communication organised an interactive session for the Journalism and Mass Communication aspirants during online induction programme being conducted from 8th June to 13th June 2020 as a part of EdudeSkool Connect Initiative.

The speaker was Ms Radhika Bhirani, Sr Special Correspondent, Hindustan Times who acquainted the students with nuances of lifestyle and entertainment journalism.

Ms Radhika told the students about the changes that the print media must enforce in order to report during the pandemic. She highlighted, “When you get ten minutes to interview an actor and he may not be in a mood at the time of interview. If you can create connect within first minute, you may get the information you want to have for your story. If you don’t have punch in the initial minute of your conversation, you won’t be able to do the required story.”

She shared some of her stories published in HT city during lockdown period and motivated them to be analytical, inquisitive and well versed with the language to be successful in this field.