08-19 June 2020

SMAS, KRMU organized an online induction program to educate the new entrants and connect them with the students from 8th - 19th June 2020. The induction apprised the incumbents about the admission policies, culture and future job avenues. SMAS also initiated free online NEET preparation classes for aspiring students.

More than 45 students participated in the program. The first day focused on counseling of students and their parents, followed by NEET coaching by teachers of SMAS.The counselingwas an open-house session, whereby queries of worried parents and curious students were sorted. Dr. Mamta and Ms. Silky Sethy along with Dr. Nitin, Dean SMAS and Dr. Saahil Arora, Professor, SMAS, KRMU also discussed about the various career options available after the twelfth class with biology as one of the subjects.

NEET classes on important topics were conducted online with the aid of power point presentations. Later on, notes and practice questions were shared with the students.

Induction apprised the students of options of courses like agriculture, animal husbandry, BSc. Agriculture, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, BSc. Vet Science. etc after class 12.

The induction familiarized the students and their parents about the diverse career options available after finishing a course in pharmacy, may it be R & D, medical writing, production, pharmacovigilance etc. Dr Jaspreet shared his experience as a physiotherapist and discussed the prerequisites for pursuing a course in this field.

Owing to a good response for students for physiotherapy as a profession, day 4 also focused on pros and cons of the subject, available colleges/institutes and relevant career avenues.It was an online discussion session between the panelists. Students sorted their confusions and got clarity on the subject.

Dr Neelam with her abundant knowledge and expertise in the field of pharmaceutical sciences was bombarded with career related questions from the students. She clarified them all and shared her experience as an academician, researcher and recently as an entrepreneur.

Career options as an entrepreneurand e-marketing professional were discussed. Post Covid era is going to experience a boom in these areas. The day had experts from pharma industry, who apprised the students on the nitty-gritty of business.

An industrialist of repute himself, Mr Madan apprised the students of the possibility of venturing into pharma exports. He answered all the business-related queries of the students, related to finance, marketing or research centre.

Medical writing is an upcoming profession and off late many pharmacists are opting for it. The session focused on the skills and qualifications required to be a medical writer.The day was dedicated to career counseling and sorting doubts of parents and students.

The speakers provided information on new emerging fields like health economics and outcomes research, IPR, market research, medical writing, and pharmacovigilance. They also shared the average general salaries for beginners in the above-mentioned fields. They requested the students to scrutinize their interest areas, look for opportunities and develop required skills.