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09 May 2020

The research design refers to the overall strategy chosen to integrate the different components of the study in a logical way, thereby, ensuring an effective address to the research problem. A strong research design is crucial to a successful research proposal, scientific paper, or dissertation. To answer the queries of budding researchers in the field of pharmacy, the School of Medical and Allied Sciences, K R Mangalam University, Gurugram organized an interactive workshop, using the online platform.Prof Nitin Kumar,Dean SMAS, Prof Saahil Arora, Prof Manoj Gadewar, Dr Shreshta Sharma and Dr Jahangir Alam from School of Medical and Allied Sciences, K R Mangalam University, were the panelist.

Prof. Nitin Kumar initiated the session. Prof Nitin, an eminent researcher, completed his bachelors, masters and PhD in Pharmacy from Jamia Hamdard University, Delhi. He introduced the audience to the School of Medical and allied Sciences and shared its journey since inception. He emphasized on the importance of research in the field of pharmaceutical sciences.

Prof. Saahil Arora, a wonderful academician and researcher having a teaching experience of over 20 years and an industrial experience of five years answered the queries from students patiently. Dr Saahil explained the process of research and its importance. He also shared the lucrative job avenues associated with the research.

Dr. Shrestha Sharma, a doctorate in pharmacy from Jamia Hamdard is a hard-core researcher in the field of pharmaceutics. Dr Shrestha briefed the audience about the correct way of writing a research project. She explained the terminology involved and headings to be covered while writing a project in a simple language.

Prof. Manoj Gadewar, who has an award from IIT Guwahati and a patent to his credit, dealt the crucial question of regulatory provisions for carrying out animal and clinical research. He shared the main regulatory bodies associated and the ethical practices to be followed while carrying out research on living organisms.

Dr. Jahangir Alam explained the recent tools available for data interpretation. An experienced researcher himself, he has 15 papers of national and international repute to his credit. Dr Jahangir shared the recent software available for analysis of data and result interpretation.