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24 April 2020

The present ‘lock-down’ scenario has forced many of us to change the way we live our lives, with gyms closing and outdoor activities barred, trying to curb the spread of covid-19. With an aim of keeping the faculty and students apprised of the many ways to stay physically and mentally fit during this trying time, SMAS conducted a live session on Staying Healthy While Staying Home with a renowned physiotherapist, Dr Sunaina Bajaj; working as a musculoskeletal specialist with NHS Care UK, Buckinghamshire.

Dr Sunaina shared many tips to stay active and productive during this lockdown period. She requested to have a designated workplace at home, preferably a standing work- station and not to work while sitting on a bed/sofa. She refrained the participants from overuse of social media.She showed the basic neck bending and stretching exercises that should be done regularly in between our hectic ‘work from home’ schedule. She emphasized on maintaining a correct back posture while sitting and alsorecommended use of a foot support. She suggested to keep a check on Vitamin D as most of us are confined to our homes these days. She recommended a minimum 30 minutes to 01-hour exercise regime every day, other than routine household chores.

The session eventually turned into an open-house discussion. Dr Sunaina sorted all the queries. It was a very informative session and benefited each one of us in a way or other.