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Workshop on Mosaic Mural & Carpentry Joints on 28th August 2019

Workshop on Mosaic Mural & Carpentry Joints on 28th August 2019

28 AUGUST 2019
K.R. Mangalam University

Students of 4th year guided 1st year students with the introductory session at Carpentry workshop at basement B block to apply hand on techniques. The carpentry section provided with wide range of equipment, hand tools & woods. The goal for this activity is to disseminate professional knowledge. Students are guided by Ar. Shivani Singh & Mr. Harish. They have learned how to mark and cut blocks for model making with the help of different tools.

Design Ethos also conducted a Tile mural workshop on 29th of August 2019. Students of 1st Year & 2nd Year participated in the workshop. They were divided in groups. Each group came up with interesting concepts and theme for their mural on A2 size MDF boards. By end of the workshop that may extend till next Wednesday, students will be able to make beautiful pieces of mural out of broken tiles. Students worked with full enthusiasm.

The initiative was to understand and learn the techniques of mural making with broken/ waste and sustainable materials. The therapeutic smashing of tiles, colour play, getting your hands dirty (though preferably with gloves on) and a beautiful result is what workshop aimed for.