SOAP Webinar: As We Cross the Threshold of Education

SOAP Webinar: As We Cross the Threshold of Education

SOAP Webinar: As We Cross the Threshold of Education

20 May 2020

School of Architecture and Planning, KRMU organized a webinar on ‘A Representation by final year students of Bachelor of Architecture programme on taking their dream projects towards culmination’. The webinar was organized on 20th May 2020 to showcase the work of final year students of B. Arch programme. The students have been working on their thesis and developing their respective designs based on the research carried out in their specific area of interest.

The participating students were:

  • ZurenKikon
  • Rohini Kundu
  • Jaspreet S. Bedi

Prof. Hemani Singhand Ar. Praveen Gupta coordinated the presentation with the students. The following points were discussed:

  • The importance of selecting a Thesis topic; something that they are passionate about.
  • The ups and downs of doing Thesis; the problems that come up and the exciting inputs, learnings from different sources.
  • The five-year B. Arch programme and how the different tools, subjects, experiences have helped in culminating the Thesis journey.
  • The future plans of all the graduating students.

The students responded to each of these issues within the context of their personal experience and individual Thesis topics. Each of the students had gone back to their native towns and identified extremely relevant and strategic projects as their respective Thesis topics.
ZurenKikon is working on the Re-development of City Center at Dimapur, Nagaland and discussed his urban context, analysis and the traditional architectural links to address his project.
Rohini Kundu is working on creating aHub for Culture and Crafts at a historically contextual site at Karnal. Jaspreet has identified a real-life project on Ludhiana- Ferozepur highway that encompasses a luxurious hotel with separate banquet halls and facilities for people travelling on the highway.

The webinar showcased slides created by students to explain their Thesis work.