Our Home, Our Habitat During Lockdown- SOAP

Our Home, Our Habitat During Lockdown- SOAP

Our Home, Our Habitat During Lockdown- SOAP

06 May 2020

A representation by students of Architecture on COVID and post-COVID Residential Apartment Design was done on live webinar on 6th May 2020. The students showcased their work of third year students of B. Arch programme. The students have been working on integrating the learning from the University wide project on COVID 19 with their academic work; the Housing Design Studio.

Following students participated in the presentation; Prayas Biswas, Priyom Banerjee, Priyanka Dabra, Christin Mathew, Ritwik Vashisht, Aina Sharma and Himanshu Kamal.

Prof Hemani Singh, Dean, SOAP coordinated the presentation with the students. The following points were highlighted in the presentation:

  • The importance of Home as our permanent habitat during the lock down period
  • The role of architects in recalibrating spaces within and outside the apartment.
  • The need for plenty of sunlight, ventilation and connection with outdoor spaces and nature.
  • The need to prepare flexible designs and spaces that can adapt during pandemic and function as spaces for quarantine and isolation.
  • The human need to stay socially connected even when strict physical distancing is mandatory for all to stay safe.
  • Conservation of energy and using sustainable ways of conserving and producing energy. This is particularly significant since during lockdown the home is serving as work space, recreation space and plenty of gadgets and AC’s are being used continuously.

The students responded to each of these issues with very creative and functional solutions. One of the students also designed low cost, economic structure in Dharavi, Mumbai from shipping containers and provided isolation spaces for densely populated areas. The students also studied architecture of master architects like Charles Correa, J. A Stein, Louis Kahn, Habeeb Rahman, Raj Rewal and Ole Shereen and took inspiration from them.

The webinar showcased the posters designed by each of the student for the architectural competition, ‘Post COVID Architecture’ in which they explained their concepts graphically.