15-17 June 2020

School of Education organized Induction Programme from 15th-17th June 2020 for the aspiring teachers. The first day started with welcome introductory note by Dr. P.C. Jena, Coordinator, SOED.Basic Orientation to Pre-Service Teacher Education Programme B. El. Ed., B.A. B.Ed. & B.Sc. B.Ed. was given by Ms. Vidhi Gaur. She gave the course structure outline with its process of application and emphasized the do’s and don’ts in the entrance examination.

Ms. Kanchan Khatreja conducted a quiz session on teaching aptitude with the students present in the programme and they were provided with the participation certificates according to the criteria given. Future perspectives of Classroom: Innovation in Teaching was presented by Ms. Manju Kundu with the students of SOED and they shared their experience. The session was given the name “Unki Kahani Unki Jubani”. The last session carried a puppet show which was organized by the students of B.El.Ed. VIth semester, SOED under the guidance of Ms. Manju Kundu.

On day 2 session was on Innovative Pedagogy in Teacher Education: Role of a Teacher which was named as “Fun of being the Teacher” presented by Ms. Suprabina Das, National Awardee the most Creative Primary Teacher and hosted by Ms. Smriti Rekha. She shared ideas on teacher’s skills and creativity by providing numerous demonstrations. The second event was “Fun activity: Educational games” which was carried out by the students of B.El.Ed. VIII semester, SOED under the guidance of Ms. Vidhi Gaur. The next event was “School contact programme and community living” which was presented by the students of B.El.ED IV semester, SOED. It emphasized on the experience of the students in the field work and educational trips conducted by SOED.

Following this session, alumnus of SOED shared their ideas and experience regarding internship programmes and the facilities they received at SOED and how they were benefitted with it. The last event of the second day induction programme was “Career Prospects in Teacher Education”. The session was undertaken by a renowned storyteller named Anubha who presented her experiences by narrating stories live and gave basic ideas on how a teacher can adopt this method of teaching in the classroom.

On the last day a panel discussion was conducted wherein renowned experts from NCERT and other national repute organizations were invited to present their ideas on the topic “Paradigm Shift in Teaching and Learning during COVID-19 Pandemic Period.”

The session was hosted by Ms. Smriti Rekha and Ms. Vidhi Gaur. Interactive question and answer session were undertaken at the end of the panel discussion. A video of SOED was shown at the end of the induction programme named under “Few Glimpses about School of Education at KRMU”.