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SOET Students Visit to Ultratech Cement

SOET Students Visit to Ultratech Cement

27 February 2020

The students of Civil Engineering department visited the UltraTech concrete manufacturing plant on 27th February 2020. Mr. Jayesh Parmar briefed the students about the manufacturing process of concrete. He explained how concrete is made under IS: code 456 specifications as well as according to the requirement of the client.

The students visited the store yard where different materials were stored. Then they saw how different types of machinery were used like JCB used for material handling, mixer used for mixing the material, silo tank truck for transportation of cement as well as batching plant which is used for the manufacturing of concrete.

The students got exposure to better industrial practices in progressive economies, interaction with experts and other person from the industries was motivating, learned business skills in global context encouraging culture interaction to learn better coordination between various departments.