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Lecture by Mr. Jayesh Parmar on Concrete

Lecture by Mr. Jayesh Parmar on Concrete

10 February 2020
K.R. Mangalam University

School of Engineering and Technology organized a guest lecture by Mr. Jayesh Parmar, Regional Head Technical Services of Aditya Birla Group on 10th February 2020. The topic of the lecture was ‘Concrete’. He gave presentation on how to make a concrete economically beneficial with proper mix design and how to gain maximum strength in minimum time according to the need of customers. He also mentioned to use fly ash as a substitute for cement because its strength is achievable next to the cement and also it is economically very cheap. He told that the ability of concrete to resist weathering action, chemical attack, and different temperatures of weather. A fine concrete determines the ease and homogeneity with which it can be mixed, placed, consolidated and finished. He mentioned that a sustainable concrete is that concrete which satisfied the requirements of the customer without compromising the strength.

He also mentioned about the exothermic heat of the concrete, which is caused by the chemical reactions of cement, at the centre of the mix the temperature can go double the temperature of the environment which is the thumb rule. To reduce the temperature, we can use cold water to prevent the cracks to develop in it. He explained about various types of cement and cement grade by giving the example of a flyover column, in old times we cast big circular columns of maximum M25 grade with larger area but now a day’s same column can be cast by changing the mix proportions and it will take less area to construct it is benefited where the road area is less like in case of Delhi.

The session was interesting as well as knowledgeable experience for all the students as well as faculty.