SOET Webinars: Industry-Academia Interface

SOET Webinars: Industry-Academia Interface

7th to 10th July 2020

School of Engineering & Technology organized series of webinars to provide industry exposure to the students of engineering from 7th to 10th July 2020. The resource persons were Mr. Aditya Kapur, Software Principle Engineer, DELL EMC, Bangalore, Mr. Amit Sodhi, Deputy Vice President, Digital from Aviva, Gurugram, Mr. Rajiv Jain, AGM Reliance-Jio, Mumbai and Mr. Pankaj Chawla, Head House Testing and Field Service, Electrical Research and Development Association (ERDA), Gurugram.

Mr. Aditya Kapur explained the various technical aspects of the networking and its job prospects. He shared his experience in areas of Technical Services, Software Engineering, Linux, Windows internals, Network Security and Distributed Control Plane development. He discussed about career direction, options and shared his valuable experience of software and hardware with students. He has explained the broad categories of organizational roles, service roles and planning of the career.

Mr. Rajiv Jain expressed his views on Service Delivery Management, and he enlightened students with his working experience in agile environment. He explained as beginner how they should prepare themselves for the industry.

Mr. Pankaj Chawla focused on the latest topic of Green Building, Smart Cities and Smart grids. In his presentation he shared with us that, how India is planning to implement these, what are the challenges faced and government plans for this. It was the new technology and topic for engineering students which encouraged students it think about the integration of various engineering branches.

All the faculty members of SOET along with the students of all the departments attended the webinars. Dr. Neeraj Gupta, Ms. Minakshi Katoch, Mr. Arvind Kumar and Mr. Rishabh Arora coordinated the event.