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Virtual Portfolio Presentation by the students of School of Fashion

Virtual Portfolio Presentation by the students of School of Fashion

19 May 2020

School of Fashion organized a webinar on ‘VIRTUAL PORTFOLIO OF STUDENTS’ on 19th May wherein the students show cased their collection online.

The webinar was hosted by Ms. Sushma Mishra, Assistant Professor, SOFD with highlighting the journey of the students in the university. In this period of nation-wide lockdownstudents worked hard and made their virtual design collection, incorporating all their theoretical and practical learning of last three years. They used all possible online tools such as photoshoot, edited background in CAD, decided their makeup, accessories, music according to their theme.

During the session students presented their collection and discussed the process from taking the inspirationto finally make the complete design collection. They also explained various steps of design process like brainstorming, swatch development, creating various boards for theme, pattern making, garments construction, photoshoot etc.

The virtual presentation was very useful and inspiring for the students who attended the session. The work of students was guided by Ms. Sushma Mishra and Ms. Rasika Kaushal, faculty members, SOFD.