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Webinar on Future of Hospitality Industry after Covid-19

Webinar on Future of Hospitality Industry after Covid-19

05 May 2020

The webinar was hosted by School of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, K. R. Mangalam University. The speaker Dr. Bharat Bhushan Sharma, Kaplan Business School, Melbourne, a renowned veteran in the field of hospitality and has more than 3 decades of experience in the field of hospitality. He has traveled extensively across the world covering more than 50 countries during his tenure with different organizations. Currently, Dr. Sharma is working as an eminent faculty member of Kaplan Business School, Melbourne.

Dr. Sharma shared his views and ideas about the scenario of hotel industry the world is facing right now. He talked about the future of the hospitality industry. He said that the industry people will have to make many changes with respect to personal hygiene, cleanliness of the premises to start with. Staff & customer will have to change their attitude and behaviour towards each other.Social Distancing is the term that we are talking about; therefore, we will have to maintain it at every point of contact. People now will have to be more patient with each other. We will not be able to see the rush that we used to see earlier in the restaurants, coffee shops, parlours and elsewhere. Post Covid-19, we will have to adapt to the changes as mandated by the incidents of the past few months. The hospitality industry has been hit very hard by this pandemic and it will take quite some time to come back to the normal. However, the new normal will not be equivalent to the normal that was there earlier.

The hospitality industry will have to take cleanliness & hygiene very seriously. The new rules are being laid down by the enforcement agencies of food industry that would be enforced on the food joints. The restaurant or any kind of food joint will have no other option but to follow the norms or they will perish from the scene. The customers also would be more careful and cautious in choosing the place to dine out. After all, we know that the “Customer is King”.