23 May 2020

School of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, KRMU hosted a webinar on ‘WINE BASICS BY SULA VINEYARDS’ by Ms. HeenaRiat, Marketing Manager at Sula Vineyards on 23rd May 2020. She started the session with the brief introduction on wines. Ms. Riat talked about the origin of wines which is traced to Azerbaijan in the Middle East Asia and not France which is widely believed by people. She also spoke briefly about the history of the company (Sula Vineyards).

She then moved to the grapes which is the main ingredient of wine. The selection of grapes is very important as the condition of grapes decide the quality of wine. She also talked about the wines being prepared by other fruits like the apple, pears. In this case, the fruit is mentioned on the label of wine. These fruity wines are manufactured in Himachal Pradesh.

When the word wine is used, it strictly means that the product is manufactured by grapes only. The grapes are of different varieties. The grapes which are from the cold countries are less sweet. There are primarily three varieties of wines known as the White Wine, Red Wine & the Rosé Wine. Mr. Riat spoke about the process of manufacturing of the wines. The grapes are either pressed or crushed during the process of production which gives different flavour & texture to the wine. The grapes are then fermented; therefore, we can say that the wine is only the fermented drink and after that it is filtered. It is not distilled at all. The wines are then aged in oak barrels which are procured from either USA or the Europe.

The wines produced by different types of grapes are different from each other. The grapes grown in a particular region will have a different flavour and texture from the ones of the other region. Therefore, the wine will also have a different flavour & texture from the other one.

Ms. Riat then explained different types of wines. How the pressing or crushing the grapes can make the white wine, red wine & rosé wine. She also talked about the different varieties of wines like the fortified wines, aromatized wined, still wines, sparkling wine and more.

She spoke about the basic understanding of the wines like reading of the label of the wine. There are a lot of things mentioned on the label of the wine bottle. The year of manufacture of the wine is mentioned on the label. The kind of grapes used in the manufacturing of the wines. The grapes grown in a particular region will make the wine known from that region. In the end Ms. Riat spoke about the correct way of storing of the wines like the position of the wine bottle while storing, the temperature of the surrounding where the wine is stored.

In the end, the session on the basics of wines was quite an interesting one giving a lot of insight on the different aspects of manufacturing of different wines. The session was moderated by Prof. M. P. Verma, Dean, SOHMCT.