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Debate Competition

Debate Competition

17 September
K.R.Mangalam University

The event was compered by Malvika and Diya from B.A (H) English Semester III. A total number of fifteen participating students elucidated on arguments either supporting or opposing the topic. The participants explained and expressed their point of view and exhibited great oratorical skills. The panel of judges were actively involved in the evaluation process. Also, the audience was very fervent and patient while listening to each debater. The participants and audience consisted of students from School of Humanities; School of Education; and School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Anshita (B.Ed) and Mehekpreet (B.El.Ed) acquired first and second position while elucidating the importance of Hindi whereas Robin, B.A (H) English and Shashwat (BAJMC) acquired first and second position while debating on why Hindi as a language is no longer used extensively.

Vote of thanks was proposed by the comperes. Prof Arti Koul Kachroo, Dean (School of Humanities) concluded the event with congratulatory words to the winners and all the participants. She opined that such events provide opportunity for alternative method of learning.