Induction Program School of Humanities

Induction Program School of Humanities

15-19 June 2020

School of Humanities conducted an Induction program for the students of 12th standard on Improving Listening, Writing and Verbal Skills from 15- 19 June 2020. The five-day induction program consisted of the following sessions:

15.06.2020: Orientation program on School of Humanities, importance of improving listening, writing and verbal communication followed by a session on Training on Clinical Case Study and Mental Status Examination by psychologist Dr. Rupali Chandola Students were very inquisitive about knowing how to work on our mental health during this current pandemic situation. They also made enquiries on the recent cases of depression and how to handle it. The session was coordinated by Dr. Kanu Priya, Dr. Sheelpa Sweety, Dr.Rupali Chandola and Dr. Mouli Chowdhury.

16.06.2020: A session on Digital Humanities was conducted and students were oriented on how various digital tools can enhance our experience of learning humanities subjects.The session was coordinated by Ms. Richa Agarwal and Ms. Nikita Mittal.

17.06.2020: A session on business etiquettes was conducted by an expert on corporate communications Ms. Pratishruti Singh wherein students were oriented on manners and etiquettes essential in contemporary corporate world. The session was coordinated by Dr. Sheelpa Sweety and Ms. Nupur Choudhury.

18.06.2020: A workshop on how to use poetic devices in creative writing was discussed followed by an interactive session by renowned author and columnist Chandrahas Choudhury. A glimpse into the writer’s world was given to the students and the session was coordinated by Dr. Mouli Chowdhury and Ms. Kanika Joshi.

19.06.2020: Students were oriented on how to do group discussions and conduct themselves for interviewsfollowed by a session by Mr. Tarachand Dhoundiya, CEO and Founder Skilsertifika Global Pvt. Ltd, Singapore. The session was coordinated by Ms. Komal, Ms. Nikita Mittal and Ms. Manish Nayyar.

Students from various schools such as K. R Mangalam World School GK-II, Vikaspuri and Vaishali, Sr. DAV Public, Vidya Bharti School,Summer Fields School participated in the program with great zeal and were inquisitive to attend many more such sessions in future.