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Orientation Programme-School of Humanities

Orientation Programme-School of Humanities

16 May 2020

The School of Humanities conducted an online orientation programme on 16th May 2020. The School organised a panel discussion in which the respective departments were represented by a faculty member and the discussion was headed by Prof. SumanyuSatpathy, Professor of Eminence.

The faculty members discussed the best practices of the departments of English, Economics, Psychology and Historical studies.There was a discussion around the pedagogy adopted by the School like, interdisciplinary studies and project-based learning that enable the students to understand the subject in depth and apply the learning practically.

The panelists also mentioned about career prospects of the various degrees offered by the School of Humanities.The webinar was an interactive session followed by discussion with the students, where the enthusiastic students asked multiple questions that were convincingly answered by the panelists.