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French Quiz @ नैतिक एवं वैधानिक प्रबंधन संघ

French Quiz @ नैतिक एवं वैधानिक प्रबंधन संघ

4th Sep 2019
K.R. Mangalam University

As a part of Activity sessions, नैतिक एवं वैधानिक प्रबंधन संघ SOMC organized a French Quiz-cum-Activity Session on 4th September’2019.

This activity was planned with a motive of enhancing language skill and motivating students towards the subject. All the students and concerned faculties worked hard to make the event a successful one. It consisted of three rounds namely Vocabulary Round, Audio/Visual Round and Verb Game. All the activities were planned in a way that students learn and enjoy the creative side of the language. Along with the quiz some audio-visual activities were conducted to improve the linguistic skills of the students. A glance of French culture and architecture was also given during the video session.

All the students attended the activity with great interest and the event proved to be a good learning experience for all.