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06 March 2020
K.R. Mangalam University

School of Legal Studies and School of Management & Commerce to celebrate International Women's Day organized a Guest Lecture on "Women Empowermenton 6th March 2020. The resource person was Dr. Pawan Sharma, Former Joint Secretary, Law Commission of India.

Dr. Pawan Sharma has been associated with the Law Commission of India for about three decades serving on various capacities including Secretary to the Commission, Joint Secretary, and Additional Law Officer. Apart from contributing to the Commissions agenda, her writings and articles published in various journals on women and children issues have received wide acclaim. Prior to joining the Commission, Dr Sharma started her carrier as a researcher at Indian Law Institute, joined teaching at Faculty of Law, Delhi University and finally joined the Commission. Currently, Dr Sharma is in the process of revising her doctorate thesis on Laws relating to Trafficking especially of Women for publication.

Dr. Pawan Sharma discussed various aspects of women empowerment. She shared the data collected at National and International levels by various organizations to show the disparity that still exists between males and females. She quoted that a Ph.D. degree does not empower a woman nor does any new laws will help. Changing the mindset is also a thing of the past. She asked all the females present in the hall to solidify and see what is best for her. “The upliftment of women is in their own hands”, she said. There is no point in cribbing or sacrificing anything for anyone. Females must know that they have their own identity. Its high time that they stop comparing themselves to the opposite gender.