Event Virtual Farewell Batch 2015-2020 School of Architecture and Planning

24th June 2020

School of Architecture and Planning organized farewell for graduating students of batch 2015-2020 were given a warm farewell by the students of III and IV year along with faculty members and Dean of School of Architecture and Planning on 24th June 2020.

The event started with the inaugural speech by VC Sir. The students then started the games for the graduating batch. All the students were given titles. Mr and Ms Architecture were announced based on the most active participant during the farewell.

The faculty members spoke about the graduating students. Each of the graduating students were given an opportunity to speak and they remembered with great fondness their experiences at School of Architecture and Planning, KRMU.

Even though it was a virtual session, the students and faculty members felt the strong emotional connection that had been built over the last 5 years.