Webinar: Iron Deficiency Anemia – A Major Cause of Concern in Young and Adolescent Girls

16th July 2020

Iron deficiency anemia is estimated to affect one in three people worldwide, yet despite the serious consequences and high prevalence, it is still an under-recognized condition. It may result in poor concentration, generalized weakness and fatigue.

School of Medical and Allied Sciences in an association with Cadila Pharmaceuticals hosted a webinar on the topic ‘Iron Deficiency Anemia – A Major Cause of Concern in Young and Adolescent Girls’ on 16 July 2020.

Dr. Manju Dagar, a renowned IVF Specialist and Gynecologist was the chief speaker. Mr. Anirudh Rajora (Expert), Mr. Arindam Bhowmick (Marketing Head) and Mr. Nilanjan Nag (AVP) from Cadila Pharmaceuticals also graced the event as panelists. The Webinar covered the importance of iron as an important micronutrient, its functions in human body and the everyday amount required to stay healthy. Dr. Manju Dagar explained about iron deficiency anemia, especially in adolescent girls. Iron levels between 12-16 g/dl are considered normal. A lower lever indicates anaemia that can be identified using techniques like Palmar Pallor, Nail Bed Pallor and Pallor of inner side of lower eyelid.

Doctors warned the audience that along with supplements, a balanced, iron-rich is to be consumed, as the absorption of iron from the gut is erratic.

Ms Silky Sethy and Prof Saahil Arora from SMAS coordinated the webinar.