Webinar on ‘Ergonomics: Dealing with Lockdown and Beyond’

Webinar on ‘Ergonomics: Dealing with Lockdown and Beyond’

22nd August 2020

K.R. Mangalam University organised a webinar on ‘Ergonomics: Dealing with Lockdown and Beyond’ with Industrial experts during the two weeks induction programme on 22nd August 2020. Dr. Mamta Shankar moderated the session and gave a brief introduction on work from home routine and introduced students to the panelists for the day.

As the session proceeded, Dr. Deepankar a workplace wellness expert explained the importance of sitting postures during work from home. He mentioned that "sitting hours in a day should not be more than 6 hours". Later in his presentation he also discussed the secret of living pain free. The session was very interactive as Dr. Deepankar made all the attendees do some sort of exercises.

The session was then taken over by Ms. Katja Larsen, Head, Sales and Marketing APAC, Actiforce who talked about ergonomics in a dynamic working condition. She showed the new workstation designs that became an integral part during the pandemic. The last but not the least panelist, Mr. Sanjay Verma, Founder and Managing Director, Ergosphere Ergonomics started with a virtual tour of the office as he showed the types of equipment, comfortable chairs, tables used by every age group to avoid wrong postures while working.

The webinar concluded with interactive session wherein all the first-year students asked their queries from the experts.

By Shruti Sharma, BA(JMC), III semester