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Guest Lecture on “Technological and Digital Advancement in Architecture”

The School of Architecture and Planning conducted a guest lecture on“Technological and Digital Advancement in Architecture”by Ar. Raja Hari Chandar T. (INNONYM PVT. LTD.)on 14th August 2018.
During his presentation Ar. Raja Hari Chandar T. spoke about advance software like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Hologram.In this guest lecture student learned software tools along with laser-based recording systems. Around 45 students from 9th &7th Semester, School of architecture and Planning, K.R. Mangalam University, attended this workshop.
Ar. Raja Hari Chandar T. told studentsabout applications for lasers, computers, and visual-display technologies and software can be used to generate artwork that can replace the physical models or objects used in the 3-D-holography process.




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