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Open Studio

School of Architecture & Planning organised an event “OPEN STUDIO 2018”on 20-04-2018. The main theme & purpose of this event is to showcase the hidden path of Architecture and the struggle of an architecture student. It exhibited the hard work of students from 1st to 5th year in studios through sheets, models etc. with activities and workshops open for all students &faculties.

The exhibition included the semester work of each subject from each year and the consecutive trip work and other activities in display for every department of the university and some neighbouring colleges like GD Goenka, APEEJAY, KIIT, etc.
This event was a promotional tour in order to create awareness about architecture and for promoting the event some set ups were created like display areas, food stalls and workshops.

Another main focus of the event was the food stalls, which were set up by the students. It consisted of huge variety of snacks, beverages all prepared & served by the students.

The workshops like JAM THE BRICK and DOME IT UP were organised which attracted a huge crowd from the university. Overall participation from students as well as faculties was overwhelming. Dome it up was all about making temporary domes and vaults with the help of plaster of paris and cloth dipped and the hardening up to create a vault.Jam the brick was all about building structures with help of fake MDF bricks shaped blocks along with plaster of paris and chalk powder.
A CONSULATNCY DESK was also open for best advice by the faculty and students for any problem brought.

The students and faculty both participated in each event and about 15 structures were made and 150 above students came to visit the exhibition.
Overall the event was huge a success for architecture students to display & exhibit their work to whole University.




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