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Optics and relativity

School of Basic and applied sciences organized an expert lectureon 3rd April, 2018 by Prof. AjoyGhatak, formerly professor IIT Delhi. Theme of the lecture was:

‘Optics and relativity’.

Prof. AjoyGhatak has written over 170 research papers and more than 20 books on Optics and relativity.His undergraduate textbook on Optics has been translated to Chinese and Persian. In 1995, he was elected Fellow of the “America’ forhis distinguished services to optics education and for his contribution to the understanding of propagation characteristics of gradient index media, fibres and integrated optical devices. He retired as an Emeritus Professor of Physics at IIT Delhi in 2007 and is currently working as a Professor MeghnadSaha Fellow of The National Academy of Sciences, India. Prof. AjoyGhatak in his address to the students explained the theoretical background about Einstein equation E = M c2. Hefurther explained how this equation leads to nuclear reactions. He also illustrated the evolution of Sun based on mass energy equivalence. Prof.
Ghatakappraisedthe students about Einstein’s life, ideology and beliefs. The students were seen listening enthusiastically to the eminent academician The students were inquisitive throughout the session and discussed various problems on optics relativity. Some of our post graduate students also discussed their future research and project plans with Prof. Ghatak. It was a huge learning experience to the faculty and the students.


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