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Preliminary Session for MBA

School of Management and Commerce (SOMC) has conducted one week Preliminary Session (bridge course) for our MBA fresh batch-2018 students from 7th August to 14th August 2018. The initiative taken is in accordance with the SOMC’s objectives of enabling its students from different streams to have a glimpse of the fundamental management concepts as well as contemporary issues related to present corporate ecosystem. The week long session focused on core philosophies in management discipline and introduced the students to the diverse courses such as Finance and Accounts, Economics and Statistics, Marketing and Business Legislature. The sessions were taken by different subject experts from the school of Management and Commerce (SOMC).

The Accounting Session was taken Prof. Gurbir S Khera CFA in which they discussed about contemporary corporate accounting practices, concepts, terminology, financial statements and highlighted the basic lingo /lexicon.

The Economics Session was taken by Dr. Kshama Sharma in which she covered all the basic and fundamental concepts like interplay of demand and supply forces, core inflation, inflationary gaps, business cycles as well as the contemporary concepts based on market complexities like implications of demonetization, FDI, and GST.

The session on Statistics was taken by Prof. Anita Sharma who highlighted the importance of numbers, averages, dispersion, deviation, correlation, and regression and also the usage of these statistical tools across business situations.

The sessions on Basics of Finance and Tools for Business were taken by Prof. Rashmi Jain in which she discussed about concept of money, compounding, TVM, FV, PV, NPV, and other financial functions using Excel functions and its application in personal finance and business finance.

Dr. Kavital Chawla took Business Legislation session and gave a brief introduction to the various legal concepts and acts relating to the business such as Indian Contract Act, Sales of Goods Act, and Companies Act to the students.

The session on Contemporary Issues was taken by the Dean of the Department, Prof. V.A. Dubey who discussed contemporary managerial practices to make students aware about the need for “innovative integrated approach” in managerial decision making process.

The session on Personality Development was taken by Prof. Neha Goyal who worked on interpersonal skill of the students.

The final session on “Exploring Inner Self” was taken by Dr. Ruchika Yadav who is also the Convener of Chetna Society of the university. The session enlightened the students about importance and role of meditation and self-realisation in this fiercely competitive world.

The MBA students realized the benefit of these sessions and participated with full fervor and vigor.


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