Press Day Celebrations by SJMC

Press Day Celebrations by SJMC

17th November 2020

November 17, 2020: School of Journalism and Mass Communication celebrated National Press Day and organized a talk show ‘Percept’ on the topic ‘Media Ethics in Digital Age’. The guest of the talk show was Mr. Sanjeev K Ahuja, Founder, and senior editor of ‘Asian Community News Network’.

Mr. Ahuja comes with over two decades of hardcore journalism experience in mainstream media like Hindustan Times, where he was in leadership roles like Bureau Chief and Senior Assistant Editor during his 13-year stint. He is a regular guest in numerous news stories as an expert commentator in newspapers like The New York Times and other Indian platforms.

Ms. Lakshita Kandpal, V semester, BA(JMC) student anchored the event. The programme started with sharing the significance of National Press Day and giving an insight on some topics regarding the current state of media.

Mr. Ahuja started of by sharing his views on the topic of the show and how it’s a vibrant and very relatable topic to discuss about. His years of experience has made him very adept and knowledgeable when it comes to talking about the current scenario of Indian as well as World Media. A series of questions and answers started in which Mr. Ahuja vividly shared his views on the media. He touched upon facts and stats of the World Media in which he discussed about top news channels like BBC News and how it differentiates the departments of news which they have to portray, the impact of fake news on the masses and the repercussions associated with it.

He never shied away discussing from topics related to the unethical practices done in media channels in India and how they have changed in terms of having biases. He also boldly said that the current news channels have become infotainment channels rather than being a mode of supplying unbiased and complete news. At the later half of the segment a variety of questions were asked by the students and he answered each one of them with complete honesty.

At last he gave few inspiring tips to the budding journalists and advised them to keep their personal biases and personal feelings aside when reporting and delivering news. One should always keep their eyes and ears open to grasp what is going on in his/her surroundings to become a journalist.