Session on Gender Sensitivity at Workplace

Session on Gender Sensitivity at Workplace

28th October 2020

October 28th, 2020: School of Humanities in association with Internal Complaints Committee Organised Industry Connect Programme on Gender Sensitivity at Workplace. The session was conducted by Dr. Preeti Deswal Jakhar, HR at DawnBit Technologies.

The guest speaker briefed the students about the difference between sex and gender, described the term ‘gender’ in depth, elaborated the true meaning of the term ‘gender sensitivity’, and showcased the importance of it. She also conducted an activity to make the session more interactive and interesting for the students which was based on gender or sex stereotypes.

Her questions for the students circled around the discriminations faced by both, boys and girls, and a lot of them shared their personal experiences regarding the same.

Overall, the session was commendable and included a lot of insights about gender inequalities and how society has imposed its expectations onto people. It concluded on a positive note with the speaker informing us about how these inequalities can be eradicated and all gender-based stereotypes can be taken out of the picture.

By- Damia Tyagi, BA(JMC), I semester