Students' Corner

Deepanshu Choudhary, MBA, II year sharing his experience of working on innovative Project
Poorvi Sapra BA(JMC) is working on the project 'Narratives and Media on Pandemic'

Student's Comments


Nikhil Khatri,B.A. Economics, III Year

The project i.e world after covid-19 is teaching me about harsh realities that world after this pandemic won't be the same, digital divide, protectionism, home bias in investor, investment in health sector will increase. My experience in this project is really good as I am observing how economics really work in real world as Economics honours student this is a big achievement.


Anjali Kaushik,B. Pharma, IV Year

Working on COVID-19 project is a great learning opportunity for me. We have developed a mathematical model for predicting the increase in no. of cases of transmission in the coming weeks, which is a totally different area for me being from a pharmacy background. Through this project, I have not only learned different aspects of this new virus but also gained knowledge of new concepts.


Tarun Tanwar,MBA, II Year

My experience working on a Covid-19 project has been immensely knowledgeable. I got to know a lot about this pandemic and in what way it impacted the world. It has been a great inspiration for me to work on this project as people from all over the world is fighting against this pandemic.


Anshita Tyagi,B.Ed. I Year

It’s really an opportunity for me to be the part of such a great Interdisciplinary Research Project on COVID-19 that provides multiple experiences. such as Peer Learning, Co-operative Learning, collaborative approach to work. I think the outcomes of the project will be helpful for students, teachers, and community members for better living in the society.


Abhilash, B.A. English, III Year

I appreciate the initiative taken by our university to allow us to expand our knowledge beyond the boundaries. In this critical situation we should come forward in order to learn more about Covid-19 and its impact on our society. Our project on Covid’s impact on E- commerce made us learn about its influence and how does it play a big role in our society. It was a great experience to learn and to manifest our knowledge.