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Workshop on Innovator and Industry Meet by IETE

The School of Management & Commerce had taken around 20 Students to attend 3rd Innovator and Industry Meet organized by IETE on 1st September, 2018 in Lodhi road under the distinguished patronage of KTV Reddy, President, IETE and under the chairmanship of Prof. P. Prabhakar, chairman (IETE). The theme of the meet is to complement and spread the awareness efforts of the Government which has already created its buzzword ‘Make in India’. The country’s current demographic scenario with more than 50% of the population dwelling under 30 years of age is boon to us and making India the most successful emerging economy in the world. The meet was third in series followed by 29th August, 2017 & 27th August, 2016.

The students who have the similar bent of mind & entrepreneurship skillset were chosen and were privileged to attend the meet. The basic purpose was to bridge the gap between young budding entrepreneurs standing on the cusp with the entrepreneurs/ innovators and scientists who have introduced things as start-ups and have been shaking the world with the success. The University has always been an active participants and keen opportunist in taking students to such meet, Symposia and exhibitions enabling the students to be abreast of the innovation and make their presence felt in the gathering by building the network.

Let us swim in the blue ocean and shun the red ocean and make the innovation reach the masses and create ease in all the aspects of life of human beings. The SOMC is ardent in creating business entrepreneurs and provide job opportunities for other people and this was one of those many steps which are in pipeline for us to unfold




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