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Workshop on Vaults, Domes and Arches

The School of Architecture & Planning organised a workshop on vaults, domes and arches on 27.08.2018. It was attended by 1st year students with the purpose to understand the working of an Arch, Vaults, Domes and Shell Structure. The University opened this platform for outside faculties and students of various universities. Prof. (Dr) Suresh Vaidya Rajan, senior academician delivered a lecture on basic concept of construction of arches and domes. The historical timeline of these building elements and techniques were discussed with the help of various existing building examples. In the next session it was explained how arches can be made without mortar and other related techniques.

The students also tried to make shapes of domes and arches using plaster of paris and MDF bricks. The event was initiated with a view to sensitise students with working environment. The students participated in the event with great zeal and enthusiasm.




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