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Yoga Day Celebration

Report on Yoga day celebration- 21st June 2018

Now a day’s society is well versed with benefits of Yoga. If it is practiced routinely and guided properly, it can have great impact on health. This practice not only gained the importance in India but across the globe people have accepted it as the form of science.Practicing yoga regularly can work wonders for the body and mind. It has also proven the fact that sometimes allopath may not improve the health but yoga and asana can do miracles in the medical field. The Yoga day was celebrated with great enthusiasm at KR Mangalam University. The event was organized by Chetna society of K.R. Mangalam University. A Yoga practice session was conducted in the morning on 21st June.Mr. Ajay Rathi from SOET department was the trainer and instructed the asana which was followed by talks on various topics including Yoga and consciousness. He stressed on the fact that Yoga needs to be practiced with “enthusiastic spirit” on every day basis. Around 20 faculty members participated in the event and wholeheartedly practiced yoga session. All of the faculty members promised that they practice yoga and pranayama regularly to keep them healthy.Also, they promised that each member would try to motivate other person to practice yoga. Hoping that this chain of promise of keeping them fit and sound would make the world healthy and beautiful.




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